The SAM Course

The SAM Course

Run a simplified, money-making business.
Busy and broke?
Stop talking about growing your business and TAKE ACTION.
Get the accountability and training to achieve your goals, move forward,



This Course is Made For You.

You started your business with passion and purpose.
But now, does it feel like a chore?
Stop running an expensive hobby, start growing a business that works for you. You don’t need to do it all alone.
There is a community waiting to support you.

★ Fix all the cracks in the foundation of your business
★ Make the steps in the right direction.
★ Take charge of your money goals
★ Accelerate the growth of your business
★ Simplify your life!

An entire TEAM of coaches for the price of ONE!

Ten HIGH-LEVEL business coaches, online videos, and downloadable support material for each step. This program includes a LIFETIME access to all materials, so you can revisit your training when you need it most. 

A $20,000 value, all for $997.


Here's What You'll Learn:



Extra value: Access exclusive offers only available to members.

  • FREE Victory is Victory Masterclass from Carey Conley
  • FREE sales tip sheet to make $5k fast with Tish Times
  • FREE 19-page fillable business planning guide from Lori Hildebrand
  • FREE downloadable tools with industry secrets

How SAM Transformed My Business



Carey Conley

Vision and Niche

Carey is an entrepreneur and coach for over 25 years. She is driven to help entrepreneurs succeed by guiding them to define their purpose, breakthrough barriers, and craft simple plans of action. She is the author of Vision is Victory, has held her own annual events, and often appears in radio shows and podcasts as the expert in Vision and Purpose. 

For Carey, knowing your purpose is how you break boundaries and overcome adversities. After losing her husband and her son, she learned how to use her own pain and loss to share her passion for knowing your purpose. 

Fast facts about Carey:
  • Three words that best describe her: Driven, Kind, Visionary
  • Her areas of expertise: Helping people turn their ‘someday’ plan into having a written, clear, vision, teaching others to know their purpose and create a plan to follow
  • Her hobbies: Traveling! And when she’s home, she likes to entertain, read, and knit
  • Her go-to meal: Just about anything she doesn’t need to cook

Lori Hildebrand

Money Metrics and Networking 

Lori Hildebrand is the founder of LHB Consulting, a company passionate about teaching women how to strategically build a lucrative business and a life they’re proud of.  She is also the founder of Leading Ladies USA, where women can come together to connect in community and business support. Lori is an international speaker, trainer, and personal consultant for career-minded women. 
For Lori, to go far in life is to define who you are as an independent person. She believes that everyone needs to figure out who we truly are as a whole person outside of a relationship. After having been “coupled” since high school, she was able to mold her strong sense of self while raising kids and achieving great heights in her career. More than ever, she is proud to say she feels more of herself than she has ever been. 
Fast facts about Lori:
  • Three words that best describe her: Confident, Visionary, Curious
  • Her areas of expertise: Business growth and networking
  • Her hobbies: hanging out with good friends, being near water (pools, beaches, rivers, lakes, or my hot tub all work!), listening to or reading a book, and having a good glass of wine in hand
  • Her go-to meal: Sushi, tacos or roasted veggies

Angel Tuccy

Media Exposure

Angel is a Media Exposure Specialist. She has 12 years of broadcasting experience, hosted over 2,000 broadcasts, and interviewed over 5,000 guests. She is an 11 times published author and public speaker. 
For Angel, obstacles should not stop you even if they are on the way to success. When her broadcasting contract ended, she was able to bounce back quickly and create a brand new business and career within 90 days. 
Fast facts about Angel:
  • Three words that best describe her: Optimistic, Encouraging, Supportive
  • Her areas of expertise: Media exposure, broadcasting
  • Her hobbies: Visiting Disney World where all Three of her children work or sitting on a beach.
  • Her Go-to meal: Coffee. 

Angela Totman

Financial Foundations Expert

Angela Totman is the Vice President and COO at Pay Your Family First and has worked for and with world-class entrepreneurs and notable brands such as Rich Dad, Sharon Lechter, and Think and Grow Rich for Women. She has successfully prepared clients for Shark Tank, negotiated speaker agreements as well as managed licensing compliance for products in over 50 languages and 100 countries. She is the co-author of Your Financial Mastery, a college-level financial literacy curriculum. 
For Angela, nurturing a business requires perseverance and keeping an eye on opportunities. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, she was still able to rapidly grow her business. Angela loves working with entrepreneurs who desire greater results and put in the work to turn dreams into specific actions. 
Fast facts about Angela:
  • Three words that best describe her: Heart-centered velvet hammer
  • Her areas of expertise: Accountability
  • Her hobbies: Fitness, Outdoor adventures, Bonding with her family
  • Her go-to meal: Anything healthy

Liz Illg

Time & Systems Expert

Liz is a small business consultant and content creator. She specializes in saving busy business owners time, energy, and money with systems. 
For Liz, success did not happen overnight. There were lots of obstacles to overcome in order to become the owner of a successful, money-making brand, and it is the one thing she is most proud to have accomplished! 
Fast facts about Liz:
  • Three words that best describe her: Loyal, Passionate, Organized
  • Her areas of expertise: Systems & Processes
  • Her hobbies: Gardening, reading, hanging with her pups
  • Her Go-to meal:  Veggie Sushi

Melanie Herschorn

Digital Content Creator

Melanie is a digital content creator on a mission: to empower female entrepreneurs by helping them conquer their digital marketing challenges and giving them more time to focus on what they do best. Through her company, VIP Digital Content, Melanie helps her clients attract their ideal customers and clients, nurture leads, and position themselves. 
For Melanie, success requires taking leaps of faith and nurturing your intelligence. Melanie shared that she moved to the U.S. with just two suitcases and a dream. Three states and two children later, she now has an incredibly vibrant life. She has also won numerous journalism awards and received her Master’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Southern California. 
Fast facts about Melanie:
  • Three words that best describe her: Determined, Observant, Optimistic
  • Her areas of expertise: Writing, creating content
  • Her hobbies: Singing, dancing, watching the news and TV series
  • Her Go-to meal:  The Vegan Cobb salad from the Cheesecake Factory

Pat Gillum

Speaker, Author, Certified Business and Empowerment Coach

Pat Gillum is often referred to as the MINDSET Maven. She is an Award-winning International Speaker, Best Selling Author, and Certified Business and Empowerment Coach. Through her 90-day program MePowered Experience, she helps women overcome barriers to success by exploring their self-limiting beliefs. She is also the CEO of The Sisterhood Extravaganza, a 501(cThree) Non-Profit Organization dedicated to empowering women and girls to succeed through the power of women working together through advocacy and education. 
For Pat, to realize your true potential is to overcome procrastination and over-committing. She also believes that the power women possess is priceless, which is why sisterhood is so important. Women should always work together to do great things and change the world. 
Fast facts about Pat: 
  • Three words that best describe her: Positive, inspiring, engaging
  • Her areas of expertise: Helping women gain a mindset for business success.
  • Her hobbies: Reading self-help books, traveling and spending time with her family
  • Her go-to meal: Blackened salmon and pasta, paired with a glass of wine!

Tish Times

Sales Strategies

Tish helps clients develop authentic sales strategies to increase profit, skyrocket confidence, and build genuine connections through her program, Unstoppable Confidence Sales & Networking Academy. She merges proven sales strategies with interpersonal awareness to create effective networking that produces organic results.
For Tish, nurturing your self-confidence is a very essential tool in life. As shared by Tish, she grew up with low self-esteem. She struggled to speak for herself. But as years go by, she learned how to be firm on who she is, and unapologetically herself.
Fast facts about Tish:
  • Three words that best describe her: Driven, Confident, Endearing (bonus word: COFFEE) 
  • Her areas of expertise: Networking and sales
  • Her hobbies: Hiking, bonding with family, reading
  • Her go-to meal: Salad

Chris Widener

Speaker, Sales and Influence

Chris has been named one of the top 50 speakers in the world and was awarded by Inc Magazine as one of the top 100 leadership speakers. He has written 22 books that have been translated into 14 languages. 
For Chris, achieving success requires perseverance and seeking mentorship. There were many obstacles along his way that taught him grit, such as his tumultuous upbringing. Growing up, he had to jump around 28 homes, 11 different schools, and get shipped off to live with his relatives twice. He is personally mentored by Jim Rohn and Zig Ziglar. 
Fast facts about Chris:
  • Three words that best describe Chris: Bold, Provocative, Engaging
  • His areas of expertise: Leadership, sales, and influence
  • His hobbies: Reading, playing poker
  • His Go-to meal: Steak and baked potatoes

Jeremy Montoya

Closing the Sale

Jeremy is your go-to coach if you need help with turning your online business into a full-time job. With his mentoring, you can leave your day job in the past, and turn your business into an income-generating powerhouse that gives you $5,000-$10,000 revenue every month. 
Fast facts about Jeremy: 
  • Three words that best describe him: witty, different, intuitive 
  • His areas of expertise: making it simple to get leads, make sales, and helping those at a “standing start”.
  • His hobbies: watching the dodgers, Top Golf, drinking coffee or tequila
  • His go-to meal: vegan spaghetti & meatballs OR Breakfast

Colleen Briggs

Founder Lead UP for Women and Business Growth Coach

Colleen is an International Inspirational Speaker, Strategic Business Growth Coach, Chief Inspiration Pioneer and Officer of Lead UP for Women, a community that boasts tens of thousands of female entrepreneurs that are driven by their passions, support and promote others with purpose to fuel female voices with power  that are leading the way for all women world-wide to dominate the entrepreneurial market. She is the author of the best-selling international book: The Anatomy of Accomplishment and elite podcast host of the show Lead UP for Women: Speak Up to Lead Up.

Have a successful, simple,
boss life.


Your elevated business and life are waiting!

13 Modules

Vision and Niche Power - Carey Conley

Speaker, Author & Founder of the
Do It on Purpose Movement™


Time Management and Systems - Liz Illg

Time Management and Systems - Liz Illg

I help you bring your vision to life with the internal systems and external messaging that will take your brand to the next level!

Confidence and Networking - Tish Times

Confidence & Networking

  •  Understand how to not only create but nurture your network.
  • Learn to identify your ideal clients. 
  • Find out how to create a fun and profitable network   

Money Mountain: Creating your Cash Funnel - Colleen Biggs

Money Mountain: Creating your Cash Funnel-

Presented by Colleen Biggs

In this Session, you will learn easy tactical steps to outline your offerings and apply them into a simple step-by-step process to engage the audience and keep them coming back for more!


1. How to generate leads using a free offer

2. How to apply your offers in the correct order to enlist trust in you and your brand

3. How to outline your offers so when you are at your next Networking event you know exactly what to offer

Boosting Your Visibility Online - Melanie Herschorn

The class will focus on best practices for Blogging and Email Marketing 

What you’ll learn:

  • How creating content can boost your business’s visibility
  • Techniques the pros use to create a blog post
  • What to write about and where to get ideas
  • Best practices for Email marketing
  • How to re-purpose content for social media

Closing the Sale - Jeremy Montoya

Closing The Sale: How To Break $10K A Month With Your Online Business (even if you’re at a “standing start”) 

In this training, you’ll discover: 

  • Why becoming skilled at conversations is the key to high-ticket closing
  • The word-for-word sales process (and model) for selling courses, coaching, and high-ticket offers
  • How to get your prospects selling YOU on working with THEM
  • What to say at the beginning and end so that you don’t make it awkward or blow the sale

The Art of Leadership and Influence - Chris Widener

The Art of Leadership and Influence
How to gain trust, admiration, loyalty and respect from those you lead 

There are four keys to gaining influence with others: 

  • Integrity, which breeds trust.
  • Optimism, which breeds admiration
  • Service, which breeds loyalty
  • Excellence, which breeds respect

Traditional Media Mastery - Angel Tuccy

Traditional Media Mastery

Get More Media Coverage for Your Business & Brand.

Media outlets are looking for entrepreneurs to attract more media, publicity, leads, customers, and sales.

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